Mobile QSV Model is unique to serve the Himalaya All-Natural Foods at multiple locations during the day without the liability of high rentals. The aim is to move freely to where the consumer is; say at train or bus stations during morning & evening rush hours, schools during intervals, residential areas during Tea times and in the Busy Bazaars in the evenings.

The QSV fitted with all modern gadgets in well-designed small space to impart a feel of modern quick-serving outlet for clean & hygienic foods.

  • The Franchisee will have access to around 30 of the most popular Combo Meals, Gourmet range of Vegetarian Burgers & Snacks, french fries & masala fries, premium ice cream, smoothies, mushroom & vegetable soups and our signature digestive drink 'Ginger Lime Soda'.
  • The Franchisee can start the business in a small branded truck, with capital investment of Rs.15 Lac, only out of which up to 75-80% can be availed as loan & Government subsidies.
  • The project will also generate employability for at least one more person.

*terms and conditions applied
BURGER 'N' FRIIES (Food Truck )
Monthly Expenses Investment Payback Period
Particulars Amounts Particulars Amounts Particulars Amounts
Man Power salary 50000 Van & Equipments 1320000 Monthly Sasle from QSR 400000
Fuel Expenses 20000 Working Capital 150000 Monthly Expense 200000
Miscellaneous Expenses 10000 POS Software 30000 Gross Profit 200000
*EMI 19115 Monthly Fixed Expense 99115
Net Profit 100885
Total Fixed Monthly Expenses 99115 Ideal Payback Period 12 Months
Total 1500000 QSR Margin 40+10%(Incentive)
*EMI may vary depending on the amount. This given amount is of the loan amount 1125000.

Sales volumes are expected to grow at 20%, while the prices are kept constant. This will directly increase the revenues by 20%. Majority of the costs, being variable, are also expected to rise by 20% year-on- year. The manpower cost is expected to rise at 10%. The assets are depreciated using straight line method with a useful life of 7 years. The residual value is assumed to be zero. In general, the truck has a useful life of more than 7 years.

S.No Licences Exclusive Store
1 Food Safety Licence Yes
Authority To Approach FSSAI (By going through this web site, any one can fill the form state wise & apply for FSSAI Licence. Fees is 7500 for 1 year.)
2 Health/Trade Licence Yes
Authority To Approach Local Civil Authorities In case of Delhi there is site , , under this trade licence can be filed. Other cities may have site or forms can be filled manually
3 Fire License Yes
Authority To Approach Chief Fire Officer of Particular City
4 Pollution Certificate Yes
Authority To Approach Pollution Control Committee of City
5 RTO Yes
Authority To Approach Road Transport Authority

  • Franchisee fee is Rs. 200,000.
  • Royalty 5% of turnover and free for first two years.

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